CLI tool for Imgur in Ruby

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imgurr Gem Version

Command line utility for Imgur in Ruby. Imgurr lets you quickly upload images, get info about an image and delete your own images from Imgur.


gem install imgurr



$ imgurr capture
Uploading screenshot...
Copied to clipboard

$ imgurr upload image.jpg
Copied to clipboard

$ imgurr upload image.jpg --markdown
Copied ![Screenshot]( to clipboard

imgurr info 2KxrTAK
    Image ID   : 2KxrTAK
    Views      : 14717
    Bandwidth  : 2.296 GiB
    Title      : None
    Desc       : None
    Animated   : false
    Width      : 960 px
    Height     : 540 px
    Link       :

$ imgurr delete
Successfully deleted image from Imgur

./imgurr --help for more.

How it works

Imgurr stores the delete hash generated by Imgur locally when uploading an image using imgurr. Most of the time the delete hash gets lost if you don't have an account and you want to takedown an image you have to contact Imgur support which can take a while. With imgurr all your delete hashes are saved so you can delete your images later if needed.


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